Your Horizon Europe Funding Navigator successfully manages innovative and tailored-made supporting services for organisations, teams and individuals in Europe, and beyond, with a strong interest in participating in HE MSCA, ERC programmes and in any other R&I collaborative funding project.

Your Funding Navigator is the person responsible for the whole process of securing your funding, whether it’s thorough bespoke trainings and seminars, proposal development and writing services, proposals’ pre-screening and evaluation and/or project technical and financial management.

Your Navigator responsibilities include the planning of your funding journey by ensuring that common project proposal’s development and management risks are avoided, and by being fully responsible for communicating within the host organisations, the partners, the project Teams and individual PIs.

Your Horizon Europe Funding Navigator is Katia Insogna, owner of the individual company iKonsulting, created in January 2019 and based in Rome. I am a leading provider of consultancy services for European R&I programmes with over 18 years success of securing funding for diverse stakeholders and individuals across different sectors in Europe, and beyond, with outstanding expertise in providing dedicated and custom-made proposal development, grant management, training and coaching services. Formally nominated by the European Commission in the years 2007-2015 as Marie Curie and ERC National Contact Point (NCP), and Coordinator of the Network of Marie Curie NCPs, PeopleNetwork+ project (2011-2014) and of EURAXESS Italy (2003-2007). Appointed in the years 2016-2018 as Head of InnoTecUK H2020 Training and Consultancy Services (Cambridge, UK). SEE FULL CV

If you are a professor, a PhD, a researcher, a scientist, an engineer, a project manager, CEO, innovator or research administrator in the academic and business sector with a strong interest in getting a Marie S. Curie and/or ERC grant or in need to participate in any collaborative project and of receiving Horizon Europe training and coaching support, please contact me directly at:

As Your Funding Navigator I will support you every step of the way!!
My primary responsibility is to provide clients, being individuals or organisations, with outstanding guidance and support services in securing EU funding though:

Project support
Grant Development services, with a focus on HE Marie S. Curie Actions (MSCA), European Research Council (ERC) grants, and collaborative projects (RIA, IA, CSA). Full support is granted from the initial stage of grant writing to final proposal submission, up to follow-up services, such as support during the Grant Agreement Preparation (GaP). I also provide tailored Project financial and technical management services.

Training and Coaching
Bespoke Training sessions on Horizon Europe and its specific funding programmes.

iKonsulting di Katia Insogna

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PEC (Only for Italian public administrations):